Dave Wall Race 2013

Dave Wall Race 2013 this Saturday, June 8th
Inverted Start – Random Leg Race
Singlehanded, Doublehanded, PHRF and Cruiser classes available.
If you are not doing the Cat-Harbor race, then come join us for this fun random leg race around Santa Monica Bay.
If your boat has a rating then we let you know your designated start time.  Hit the start line at your designated time and then try to run down the boats ahead of you, while being chased by the boats behind you.
If your ready for a single or doublehanded challenge, PSSA will help you out.
Join us for a fun day on the water.
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Race Results for Home Port Regatta 2013

The race results for Home Port Regatta 2013 are now in. View them on the Home Port Regatta 2013 Page.

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So, you want to race sailboats!

By Rutter


Racing sailboats is fun.  It’s physically and mentally challenging and has a strong social element.  On any given race day there are boats needing crew, but if you’re new you may not know where to start. The purpose of this article is to help newbies get started and stop being newbies. The more you know the more you can contribute.  Developing skills can often lead to a permanent position on a boat.

How do you find a boat?  Clubs organize events to introduce sailors and skippers, typically at the beginning of the season.  Throughout the season a sign-up sheet may be kept at clubs’ front desks.   Walking the docks before a race (I’ve done this in a marina where I didn’t know anyone) and attending after-race events to introduce yourself are also productive ways of getting aboard. Talk to the club’s race organizers, let them know you want to crew.

What should an enthusiastic crewperson bring?  You can get aboard in street clothes not knowing a thing about a sailing.  A better way is to be prepared with gear and knowledge.

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Basics of Sailboat Racing

South Bay Yacht Racing Club in partnership with Del Rey Yacht Club

Present: Duncan Cameron’s

Basics of Sailboat Racing

soverell 33

Soverell 33

The best way to learn is to get out and do it, preferably for 20 years or so.  However, we need some sort of shortcut, so it may help to try writing a description.  Most books and articles describing what is done, and by whom, are too jargon filled or otherwise incomprehensible to be useful. So, here goes another try.  The goal is to have each person understand at least their job, anticipate when and why things happen, and be able to usefully prioritize tasks.  Then you can tell me to shut up, because you already know what you are doing.

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Charting a Course to Racing

Start racing your boat now!

Chart your course into racing! A free series of events designed to help novice skippers (and their crews) get started racing their boats in Marina del Rey:

IYR 2013

Event #1: Introduction to Yacht Racing

March 23rd, 2013


This event is for your crew as they begin racing with you. Introduction to Yacht Racing will have three parts: a morning session ofspeakers and equipment displays, an introduction to various kinds of boats, and a practice race in the afternoon.  Introduction to Yacht Racing will help prepare your crew for upcoming races. Visit www.asmbyc.org for a complete list of races in the Santa Monica Bay in which you can compete.

New skippers who want to get an easy start to racing are encouraged to sign up their boat for this event (skippers need to have basic tight-quarters boat handling ability to participate). If you have questions about this event you can contact the Introduction to Yacht Racing Team at: iyr@sbyrc.org

Sign Up Now!

See the rest of the events after the jump: Read More…

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Introduction to Yacht Racing is Back!

Introduction to Yacht Racing 2013Introduction to Yacht Racing 2013 (IYR ’13) is an event to bring new crew (and new skippers) into sailboat racing.  The program will be held on March 23 at Del Rey Yacht Club (DRYC) from 9 AM to 5 PM. Introduction to Yacht Racing is sponsored by South Bay Yacht Racing Club in partnership with DRYC.

IYR ’13 provides new sailors with the basics of sailboat racing.  It is an opportunity for people interested in racing to experience the sport and meet other sailors.  The event also assists experienced crew to find openings on racing boats around the marina.

The morning session will cover the basics of how sailboats operate and their equipment.  New crew will be assigned to boats for on-water practice, and mentors will be available to assist training. The day will end with a practice race inside the marina.

In a wrap up session new crew will be given the chance to debrief with IYR staff and to talk about racing on a regular basis. Event organizers will help connect them with skippers looking for crew.

Registrants will receive by email attendance confirmation and instructional information to go over prior to the event.  Last year’s event was completely filled; those interested in participating should register as soon as possible.

For more information and registration visit http://www.seaya.com/get-started-in-yacht-racing-crew/.


Greg Rutter


P.O. Box 10967, Marina del Rey, CA 90295

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Champagne Series More Pictures

Here are a few more picture from Champagne.

champagen_others  012.jpg


Champagne More Pictures Gallery 

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Champagne Series 2013 Day 2 Galleries

Champagne series day 2 was a really interesting day for photographs. It started out drizzly, cleared up to a beautiful day and then the fog rolled in at the end. A wonderful variety of lighting conditions for shots of racers!

Champagne_Race_2013D2  154.jpg

Champagne Series 2013 Day 2 Gallery 1

Champagne_Race_2013D2  099.jpg

Champagne Series 2013 Day 2 Gallery 2


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