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Links to interesting website as well as links to the Yacht Clubs that have extended privileges to South Bay Yacht Racing Club Members

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Privileges Extended To South Bay Yacht Racing Club Members :

When Visiting These Clubs,Please Sign in at Their Office
Please note that each club may have different amenities available at their facility . Some Yacht Club need prior request for hoist and yard use , kindly contact the club for more details.
Please review the Courtesies below

949 673-5070 Newport Beach

805 984 0211 Oxnard

949 644-9530   Corona Del Mar

562 493-2292   Long Beach

805 985 8492 Oxnard

949 673 5120 Newport Beach

310.822-9082 Marina Del Rey

805 772 3981 Morro Bay

760 722 5751 Oceanside

805 985 7292 Oxnard

310 823 9717 Marina Del Rey

805 644-6672   Ventura

310 372-3960 Redondo Beach

310 374-4838   Redondo Beach

310 835 9720 Wilmington

310 827-7692 Santa Monica

562 594-6337   Seal Beach

310 306 2787 Marina Del Rey

949 646-3102 Newport Beach

SCYA Visiting Protocol And Courtesies

A yacht club is no different from a person’s home with respect to guests.

A club is owned and financed by its members primarily for their own use. Both federal and state tax codes and liquor laws reinforce this. There is nothing automatic about reciprocal privileges despite the fact that uninformed individuals and organizations pass this word along.

Most yacht clubs in Southern California who reciprocate with other yacht clubs in the area will do so on a formal basis. This is typically done through an exchange of reciprocal cards, which are approved and issued on an annual basis. This activity is  between two specific clubs who wish to offer the mutual exchange use of their facilities. These reciprocal privileges are not intended to entitle guests “wholesale” use of the other’s facility.

Under no circumstances should a yachtsman assume that all yacht clubs are reciprocal and before requesting entrance to another club should check with his club to insure a reciprocal agreement exists. A prudent yachtsperson will make his/her visit to another club more enjoyable if he/she follows the simple rules of courtesy as follows:

1. Verify you have reciprocal privilege.

2. Call ahead so:
a. The club can insure space is available.
b. Your visit will not conflict with other club functions.
c. The club can plan all other arrangements necessary.

3.  When making arrangements ask about club and marina rules such as do they allow pets, parties, electrical, etc.

4. Always sign the guest register. In some areas this is mandated by club charters, leasing agreements, etc.

5. Always have a current membership card from your club, and be prepared to show it courteously to staff and members of the club you are visiting upon request.

6. Wear a nametag from your club.

7. Ask for a copy, or location, of club rules and observe them, as the members of the club must; you are their guest.

8. Always be courteous with club employees, remember, their directions come from the club Officers and are not of their making.

9. When planning cruise-type visits make arrangements early in the year with the appropriate officials.

10. Patronize the facilities of the club. They may have brought in extra staff and provisions just for your visit.

11. Under no circumstances board or make fast to any vessel, unless specifically asked to, or after obtaining permission.

12. Under no circumstances use hoses, stairs, mops or other materials
belonging to the slip holder without permission.

13. Many skippers leave lines, particularly spring lines at their slips to assist in docking upon their return. Never use, and most particularly do not re-tie these lines, as your action could cause serious damage to vessels and crew.

14. Always follow good environmental practice consistent with the concerns
for proper trash disposal and discharges from your vessel into the water; leave a clean wake.

15. Write a thank-you note and mention any members or employees who were particularly helpful.

16. If you have been invited to participate in a regatta or race, you and your crew are guests just as much as on any other visit to the Host Club and must conduct yourself as a guest.


“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London,writer

Consider Joining A Race Committee, It Is A Wonderful Opportunity To Learn The Rules, And Observe The Tactics Of Successful Racers, All By Spending An Afternoon On The Water.

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